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Puddle & Pile - Puppy Toilet Training app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 4656 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: Manser Services
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.6.0, last update: 2 weeks ago
First release : 02 Dec 2013
App size: 13.86 Mb

Puddle & Pile is a fun, interactive tool to help both you and your dog enjoy toilet training! “That’s right enjoy toilet training”.

Sick of mess on your floor? Sick of being frustrated at your beloved friend? Remove this one frustration and love having your dog more! Puddle & Pile will quickly learn your dogs toileting patterns and alert you before accidents happen.
When your dog relieves, simply bring out your phone and record the action. Over just a few days Puddle & Pile will learn when your dog needs to be outside and it will bark, so you can save your floor! Consistently responding to puddles and piles alerts by giving your pooch a garden tour will help you toilet train your dog quickly. Record every success or accident and see how quickly praise outweighs frustrations.

- Or why not just use it to remind you even with older dogs that outside time is needed.
- Customize the background with your favourite pooch picture. Its your dogs App!
- Grow together with more positive times
- Share your dogs history with others who may be looking after them.
- Share your dogs history with your vet if there are strange patterns for an easy diagnosis.
- Inspired by a continual puppy raiser for Guide Dogs Victoria.
- Thank-you for the positive feedback. Please rate this app positively if you find it useful. It helps more than you may think. :-)

It works - byOttlight - Sep 26, 2015
Ive been having a problem house breaking my 4 1/2 old puppy. I started using this app and she was accident free the first day. Its very accurate nearly to the minute she has to go potty. I emailed the info to the puppy class trainer. Its very easy to use.

Fantastic App! - byHot K - May 6, 2014
I LOVE this app. I really needed something to help me make heads or tails out of mine & my new puppies day so we could have a smooth, fun house training process. Well, this app provides that! It certainly delivers what it promises & more! The app is easy to use & fun. It sorts out all the patterns of our new Sproodle & I feel less stressed. Def give this app a try if you havent house trained a dog before, or maybe even if you have :)

Great tool! - bymanwdaplan - Apr 24, 2014
Amazingly accurate at predicting my dogs needs. Also, a very simple and clean (and cute) interface that makes the training process much less frustrating.
Love this app!

byJonasfann1 - Apr 20, 2015 - Really very cool for any owner of a new puppy! LOVE using this app!!

Pros and cons of Puddle & Pile - Puppy Toilet Training app for iPhone and iPad

Puddle & Pile - Puppy Toilet Training app good for

This app is amazing, stopped us from sending our puppy back. Truly works!!!! Would have given five starts but I think this app should also have an Apple Watch app, as you may not always remember to enter success or accident on your phone when you get back inside with the puppy.
I was looking for a way to track my puppy so I could discover patterns and remember when the last time she peed was so I could take her out. App does that perfectly. The predictive feature is a nice bonus and works as a good reminder.
What a great tool for predicting potty patterns! Love it so far.

Some bad moments

After paying for this app I must say Im extremely disappointed that it will not allow tracking for more than one dog. I was specifically looking for an app that would load multiple dogs, we have two puppies. Additionally in the app description it they show a screen shot that says "change dog", this is not an option on the actual app, and it seems very misleading. It was because of the screenshot I decided to Purchase the app and not use a free app I had previously downloaded and started to use. With that said, after reading the reviews, I am hopeful it can aid with predicting my puppies needs even if it can only track one dog.
I have used this app for one day and it already is really helping me and my puppy get on a schedule! He was 4 for 4 today going potty outside! Thank you
This has made puppy training sooo much easier. I do wish you could sync between users... But otherwise this app is simple to use and AWESOME.
I cant tell you how much I LOVE this app!! Not only has it really helped saved my carpets and sheets but its also helped me in creating a good potty schedule for my new stubborn French bulldog. I dont have to stand in the dog run all day waiting for him to go potty. It helps know in when his next approximate time to go for when I need to leave him alone. I dont clean pee or poop out of his crate anymore either! This app is awesome!! I would highly recommend it to anyone with a new puppy or dog. Thank you for creating this app!
Definitely worth using. May start off with too many potty breaks, but it helps a lot to prevent accidents.
This app is kind of ridiculous on how accurate it is!!! Worth the price If that means less accident "puddles" and "piles" to clean up :) I vouch that this app will help with when your dog needs to "go". Interface could be a little bit better but I mean its straightforward just wish it was a little more clean and simple. If it could say when to leave in kennel and when to play and nap. this would be a five star app